Pragmatic & committed

  • Enterprising & innovative
  • High level of partner engagement
  • Data driven
  • Hands-on & Spot-on
  • Accessible & independent

SINCERIUS factsheet

  • Founded in 2010
  • Frontrunner in data-driven due diligence
  • Top-5 position in the Dutch mid market with more than 150 transactions each year
  • Fast-growing team with 40 professionals
  • Unique Business Intellignce solution for clients who prefer daily due diligence insights
  • Integrated service: Financial Due Diligence & Business Intelligence Solutions & Performance Improvement

Dedicated professionals

SINCERIUS was founded in 2010 from a desire to make due diligence more accessible, effective, and innovative. We combine the expertise & experience of the Big 4 with the agility & pricing of a boutique due-diligence firm. Our partners each have over 15 years of experience at international firms. Our teams are staffed with experienced professionals with years of transaction experience, ambitious high-potential talent, and innovative business intelligence (BI) specialists. As independent advisors, we serve a diverse range of clients, including private equity firms, corporates, multinationals, DGAs, and management across multiple sectors.


Our approach

Sincerity is built into our name and our approach. We believe that clear, honest advice is the foundation for a well-informed decision. Is limited analysis or a short report enough? Then that is what we provide. We believe it is the value of our advice, not the length of our reports, that matters.

We are results-oriented and pragmatic. Our transaction experience across multiple sectors means that we not only analyse numbers, we have an eye for the other aspects, as well. Because we value accessibility and quality, our experienced partners or senior advisors are closely involved in our client projects.



SINCERIUS was also founded with an entrepreneurial spirit. That drive has grown to a company of 40 professionals working in two offices (in Amsterdam and Rotterdam). We handle more than 150 financial due diligence projects every year and support dozens of companies with our in-house BI software.

In addition to our own expertise, we have built a powerful network of specialists: tax experts, lawyers, and experts in corporate finance, pensions, and commercial and strategic due diligence.


Our data-driven approach

Our in-house BI development team helps unlock financial and operational information sources in due diligence projects and is continuously improving the SINCERIUS BI tool. That allows us to get the most out of data and to conduct faster and more in-depth due diligence analyses, while still maintaining efficiency.

Business Insight, our in-house developed BI tool, provides the option of structurally anchoring our due diligence analyses in the organisation - both in the run-up to and after a transaction. All of the information sources are directly linked to provide continuous, up-to-date insight into the business.