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Jan van Angelen

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Joost Siemensma

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Simon Voogel

Senior developer
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Lotte Huft

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Rik Kok

Senior Consultant
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Laura Zandvliet

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Jasper van der Blom

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Are you interested in what SINCERIUS Business Intelligence Solutions can do for your company? We would be happy to provide you with a demo and take a look at your current organisational and reporting structure. Implementation is quick and we will handle the entire process.

From data to insight

Business intelligence is the automated process of continuously collecting data from a company or group to generate usable comparisons. The data is then analysed and presented in a clear dashboard. This method means more data is collected and used to its full potential. We use BI to deliver even more added value for our clients and in our financial due diligence analyses.
From risk to opportunity

From risk to opportunity

Volledig inzicht in de operationele en financiële KPI’s

Opportunities, possibilities, and uncertainties are part of everyday life. But when it comes to managing a company, we want to mitigate as much risk as possible. And that starts with thorough, comprehensive insight into the operational and financial KPIs. Because when data is clear and used optimally, risks can be approached as opportunities.

At SINCERIUS, we provide insight into information and mitigate risk every day. As acquisition experts, knowledge of companies, finance, and reporting is in our DNA. We craft operational and financial analyses that allow our clients to make sound decisions, during potential acquisitions and at any other time.

From photos to video

From photos to video

Doorlopend beschikbaar due diligence inzicht

During a due diligence analysis, we examine a company in its entirety: financially and operationally. The result is  a detailed snapshot, a photograph. Clients have asked us whether we could convert that picture into a video – the same information, but available daily, continuously.

Existing BI solutions couldn't meet that need, so we developed it ourselves. We built it on our quality requirements, our experience as financial due diligence experts and - above all - our clients' needs. Dozens of clients are now satisfied SINCERIUS Business Insight users, and we are improving our platform every day.

From multiple perspectives to one single truth

From multiple perspectives to one single truth

Uniforme rapportages

When different IT systems operate side by side within an company, there are multiple formats, classifications, and truths – different fragments that are traditionally unified and interpreted by controllers. That methodology is simply outdated. With SINCERIUS Business Insight, the whole picture is always available, and you can easily zoom in on underlying elements.

From a time-consuming monthly statement to a single click

From a time-consuming monthly statement to a single click

Snellere en betere rapportages

Monthly closings and monthly reports can be time consuming for the financial team, especially when you add in the planning and control cycle. With SINCERIUS Business Insight, that's a thing of the past. The entire monthly report, including budget and realization analyses, is ready with a single click. Several of our clients have seen their finance team's workload decrease and their reporting speed increase significantly after implementing SINCERIUS Business Insight.

From DIY to full-service

From DIY to full-service

Dagelijkse ondersteuning van bedrijfseconomen en programmeurs

Software packages that focus on bringing together information from different sources are often come standard, leaving the design and tailoring to users. That requires a significant amount of ICT expertise, and more is needed with every change in the underlying systems – which happens more often than expected.

SINCERIUS Business Insight is a full-service concept, with support from our team of both business and programming experts. Our team is ready to respond to requests for system changes and expansions everyday. We handle it all.

From explaining to looking ahead

From explaining to looking ahead

Ondersteuning bij forecasten op basis van resultaten uit het verleden

Information systems and reports are usually completely focused on the past. Analyses are built using historical information to explain what happened and why.

Entrepreneurs and managers would rather look ahead, but their management information often doesn't offer much support. With the SINCERIUS BI tool, we focus on the present and provide the insights to predict and adjust. That is what we call business insight.

Our system, based on historical data, human intelligence, machine learning, and prescriptive forecasting, can provide a glimpse of the company's performance over the next 12 months.

From explaining to looking ahead
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Tailor-made is the standard

Standard software has more accessible pricing than fully customized software and is more maintenance friendly. But it's not always as effective because it's not tailored to a specific business and can't produce custom output.

SINCERIUS Business Insight combines the best of both worlds: it is built on standard Microsoft software with a customised design, focused on your company and its needs. Dashboards are customised with company-specific reports, analyses, and KPIs.

Data-driven due diligence for daily business operations

NIBC Investment Partners acquired a shareholding in CostPerform

SINCERIUS provided acquisition due diligence to NIBC Investment Partners and Arches Capital

December 2022
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Screenshot 2023-02-23 at 21.05.13
Cosmetique Totale acquired a shareholding in Van Lennep Kliniek

SINCERIUS provided acquisition due diligence to Cosmetique Totale

March 2023
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HB RTS was sold to Arcus Infrastructure Partners

SINCERIUS provided vendor due diligence and business insight support to HB RTS

December 2021
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Van Adrighem has obtained financing from Patrimonium

SINCERIUS provided financial due diligence to Van Adrighem

August 2021
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