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Thomas Daemen

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Mieke Reintjes

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Rolf Bolte

Senior Consultant
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Floris Knaapen

Senior Consultant
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Evert van Anken

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Sanne Twijsel

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Christiaan Defauw

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Jan Willem Eshuis

Senior Consultant
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Joost Siemensma

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Steven Odding

Senior Consultant
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Wouter Goedknegt

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Menno Aardema

Senior Consultant
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Steije Hoolwerf

Senior Manager
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Sander Boogaard

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Matthijs Bremmer

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Meet our team of experienced consultants. Pragmatic, spot-on, and committed. Their extensive experience and the right tools help them to create added value for our clients.

Financial due diligence

Due diligence is an essential part of any takeover. A due diligence analysis by our team of experienced advisors :

  • Highlights key issues as well as financial risks and opportunities;
  • Provides the right input for a strong negotiating position;
  • Ensures better results thanks to our years of experience and the latest insights.

SINCERIUS is a due diligence partner who can change gears easily and act quickly. A partner who is solutions oriented and pragmatic. A partner who understands your business and your company and brings extensive transaction experience to the table. We deliver a clear, concrete report that provides both key financial information and spot-on analysis. Our reporting and advice help clients make informed choices during the takeover process and provides the right arguments for negotiations.

Acquisition due diligence

In acquisition due diligence, validating the financial assumptions that underpin the intended transaction is essential. Any issues must be flagged early on, so you can enter negotiations with the best, most accurate arguments. We analyse and interpret the company's historical & forward-looking financial information as prepared by the seller and take a close look at normalisations.

Vendor support

When selling a company or a shareholding, the vendor's goal is an efficient process with as little disruption in business operations as possible. Vendors also generally want to field serious offers from as many candidates as possible to maximise their chance of success and drive up the price. SINCERIUS provides vendors with two types of vendor support in that process: vendor assistance (VA) and vendor due diligence (VDD).

(Re)financing due diligence

This type of due diligence is designed to demonstrate a solid financial foundation for attracting loan capital. That could mean things like mapping out the capacity for new financial obligations and securities for the lender.

This type of due diligence is also ideal for borrowers who want to stay ahead of critical lender questions and map out their financial options.

Our transactions

We work on more than 150 acquisition due diligence and vendor support projects each year across a wide range of sectors and client types.
Capital A acquired a shareholding in CVmaker

SINCERIUS provided acquisition due diligence to Capital A

April 2022
More details
Bakon Food Equipment was sold to LINXIS Group

SINCERIUS provided vendor assistance to Rabo Investments

July 2021
More details
Mentha Capital acquired a shareholding in Epplejeck

SINCERIUS provided acquisition due diligence to Mentha Capital

June 2021
More details
BLOS Kinderopvang was sold to Babilou Family

SINCERIUS provided vendor assistance to BLOS Kinderopvang

March 2021
More details

Our expertise

We have experience and expertise in a wide range of sectors.
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Data-driven due diligence

Our in-house BI development team helps unlock financial and operational information sources in due diligence projects and is continuously improving the SINCERIUS BI tool. That allows us to get the most out of data and to conduct faster and more in-depth due diligence analyses, while still maintaining efficiency.

Business Insight, our in-house developed BI tool, provides the option of structurally anchoring our due diligence analyses in the organisation - both in the run-up to and after a transaction. All of the information sources are directly linked to provide continuous, up-to-date insight into the business.