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(Re)financing due diligence

This type of due diligence is designed to demonstrate a solid financial foundation for attracting loan capital. That could mean things like mapping out the capacity for new financial obligations and securities for the lender.

This type of due diligence is also ideal for borrowers who want to stay ahead of critical lender questions and map out their financial options.

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Our approach

Our (re)financing due diligence work is tailored to the needs of the company and the (potential) financing provider. We deliver a clear report that provides concrete answers to any questions that may arise, highlights previously unidentified issues, and is also appropriate for the lender.

Our analysis focuses the current financial position and results, the quality and reliability of expected future cash flows, collateral quality, the size of the customer base, the profitability of individual products and services, how turnover and profit are accounted for, and the cost structure.



Because our consultants have sat on different sides of the table, they can analyse a company from any perspective. The result is a thorough analysis with new insights. With years of transaction experience in a wide range of sectors, we know what is important and what lenders pay attention to.

Are you looking for continuous monitoring to provide the lender with the right information? Our data-driven approach (BI) makes complex data simple and always available.