Simon Voogel

Simon Voogel is Lead Developer at SINCERIUS. Coming from the HvA where he earned his bachelor's degree in software engineering, Simon began his career at SINCERIUS as an intern in 2021. What started as an internship quickly evolved into a full-time role where Simon leverages his knowledge and skills to the fullest.


Within the Business Insight team, Simon plays a pivotal role. He works on web development for our Business Insight web portal and takes a central role in establishing data connections with our clients' systems. Simon also keeps a watchful eye on software development projects and actively participates in the recruitment of new developers.


Simon is dedicated, hardworking, and possesses a natural talent for solving complex problems. He is someone who listens, learns, and leads.

Outside of office hours, you often find Simon in the crossfit gym or tending to his garden. He enjoys the challenge and discipline that crossfit provides and finds relaxation in gardening.


With his blend of technical skills, attention to detail, and team-oriented attitude, he is a valuable member of the Business Insight team.