Wouter Goedknegt

Wouter (1981) joined the SINCERIUS-team in 2019 as Director Financial Due Diligence. Before joining SINCERIUS, he worked as M&A advisor at PhiDelphi Corporate Finance. In his 15 years at PhiDelphi, Wouter gained brought experience in M&A, having advised entrepreneurs, corporates, and private equity investors on numerous transactions in many industries, including a significant number in the healthcare industry.

Wouter’s style aligns well with the SINCERIUS’ way of working. He has a keen eye for detail and a genuine desire to understand business models and identify potential (transaction) risks early in the process. In doing so, he gratefully leverages his extensive financial and strategic knowledge and experience from his former role as M&A advisor.

As Director Financial Due Diligence, Wouter combines managing financial due diligence assignments with various other tasks and responsibilities. He supports BI colleagues and BI clients with financial expertise and is involved in the further development of our BI tool. Additionally, Wouter is a

connecting factor in our rapidly growing organisation, contributing significantly to the team's training and development, driven by a focus on quality and genuine involvement.

Wouter obtained his Master's degree in Business Economics from VU University Amsterdam in 2006. He lives in Amsterdam with his wife and two children. In his free time, Wouter enjoys playing tennis, sailing, and running.