Floris-Jan van Beek

Floris-Jan has a wide range of interests, from history to astrophysics. With an eye for detail and passionate about data analysis, he is eager to tackle complex issues.
He studied business economics in Tilburg and finished his MSc Finance there as well. After an extra half year ‘down under’, where he studied at the University of New South Wales, he started next to his Master’s at Atlantic Capital. This first contact with private equity had him inspired to write his thesis in this field and he contributed by researching myopic foresight in private equity. By employing his own matching model and various econometric analyses he investigated equity investments and probability of default in portfolio companies compared to other companies.

Floris-Jan has been active in both his study and student association in a diverse array of committees and boars. Next to that, Floris-Jan is an avid tennis player, racket ball player and swimmer. In his spare time, he likes to read and goes to concerts.



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