Sander Blijham


Sander (1991) graduated in Economics and Business Economics from Utrecht University with a MSc of Finance from the University of Amsterdam.

Sander likes to solve complex issues, and is especially interested in the human aspects behind these issues. Therefore, he chose for both his bachelor and master thesis a behavioural economical approach. For his master thesis, he investigated the impact of overconfident CEO's on the default risk of their firms.

During his studies Sander worked as an administrative assistant at a law firm, which gave him the opportunity to have a closer look at the daily operations of an entrepreneur. Furthermore, this experience helps him to quickly understand and anlayze business administrations.

His interest in merger and acquisitions was stimulated because during these processes entrepreneurship and fiance come together, while human aspects play an important role too.

Sander lives in Amsterdam and in his spare time he can often be found at the soccer field.



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