Thomas Daemen


Thomas (1977) is chartered accountant (RA) and has a master's degree in business economics (Erasmus University Rotterdam)

He started in 2001 at PwC in Audit and switched to Deloitte Transaction Services in 2005. In this setting, he has specialised in both merger & acquisitions in various sectors as well as carve-out projects at international conglomerates. Thomas challenges himself to clearly communicate the essence and complexity of every project, through spot-on analyses and advice. In this process, he fully employs his experience and creativity.

Thomas has a strong connection to Rotterdam: He grew up in the city, he studied there, and ever since graduation he lives there.

“In Rotterdam it matters where you're heading, not where you come from. That maxim, I also live by in my work”.

Thomas' great feature is his perseverance. This quality helps him in running a marathon, or climbing mountains, but also in his advice to clients. 

“The best moment of a transaction, after hard work and long hours at the office, is when the client makes a good deal as a result of your advice. That sense of fulfillment is similar to that when coming accross the finish line after 42KM or reaching the top of a 6000m peak”.

Next to his work, Thomas is a busy family man as a father of three sons.



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