From fashion to finance

We’ve all heard stories of people breaking into the financial sector from different backgrounds, such as technology, biology or consulting. But Lisa’s story is truly one of a kind. She started out in the fashion industry as an E-commerce manager and Product Developer, and then succeeded in breaking into the financial sector! 

So, how did she go from fashion to finance? And what advice does she have for people who come from an atypical background and want to start their careers in finance?

Introducing Lisa de Heer

Currently, I work at SINCERIUS, where we conduct Financial Due Diligence for M&A and offer Business Intelligence Solutions for portfolio companies of PE and VC. I find the combination  of working in M&A for a company that is also a Fintech business really inspiring.

Before SINCERIUS, I gained experience at a tech-savvy PE firm that gave me the opportunity to launch into finance. Whether you come from an atypical background or  not, I can recommend you to find an open-minded firm to start your career.

Having another career before finance has its perks!

Probably a lot of skills that I gained during my studies and work in the fashion industry have helped me in my finance career. But for me, the fact that I already had a career before I  started working in finance offered me a lot. Previous work experience gives you specific industry knowledge and a relevant network. For example, knowing how to deal with various stakeholders  is a great benefit in my opinion. It gave me confidence and space to focus on other skills as well.

Top tips for landing your job in finance with an atypical background

First of all, look for an environment that appreciates your atypical background and find out along the way how the company can benefit from the competences and network you already had. 

Secondly, your choice to go into finance was probably made consciously and can be substantiated with experience. Companies also care about the stability of their team, take advantage of that. 

Lastly, let the people around you know what you are up to. Dare to approach the unknown and remember that most people have been in your shoes at some point. Nothing ventured,  nothing gained.